Mário Macilau


Artista en Residencia

Mário MACILAU | Born in 1984 at Maputo (Mozambique)
Mário Macilau started his journey as photographer in 2003 and engaged to professional level when he traded his mother’s cell phone for his first camera in 2007. His photography artwork focuses on political, social and cultural issues, linked to the radical transformations of the humans in time and space.  inIn his photography, he deals with the complex reality of human labor and the environmental conditions evolving over the times, using the images he captures as a form of visual confrontation that state a line of reflection to the reality, using as a method of keeping and sharing memories and to provoke emotional feelings and to bring positive influences about the world we’re living.
His work has been recognized with awards and featured regularly in numerous solo and group exhibitions both in his home country and abroad and also his work is collected by many art enthusiasts throughout the world, and has been featured in leading art or photography magazines.
Macilau is the founder and director of MAFOTO an annual celebration of photography and lens-based art that as well organises several number of events related to photography with a strong focus on emerging photographers and on providing affordable education and scholarships, MAFOTO brings together internationally and national acclaimed photographers, artists, curators and experts in the field of photography and art in general.